Nightclub skills every man should know

Nightclub skills every man should know

These are basic skills that are often overlooked but uniformly important. Trust us on this one because there is nothing worse than falling in love with a club’s music only to start writing it off because we cannot get a drink from the bartenders. From planning to club outfits, dancing to conversing, a nightclub is a place where our skills need being sharp. That is if we want to have a night worth remembering for all the right reasons.


We are not of Hispanic descent if we have two left feet. Dancing is something that we are born with, almost as if at birth we receive an IV that fills our veins with an understanding of rhythm. Whether we are looking for a night out replete with salsa, merengue, or bachata, what we do know is that it is better to dance than to warm the bench. Here is a little secret: women are glad about a man who steps onto the dance floor regardless of skill level. Our moves and skills on the dance floor are what set us apart from the rest of the crowd, hermanos.


Hermanos, we are going to the club, not a wedding. There are a fine line and a massive difference between how to dress for either event. Just like how our dance moves set us apart from the crowd, so does the way we dress. Learning how to dress is a skill that involves inclusion — yes, absorption. Through the years of partying with our friends and picking up magazines, we should have a database in our head that tells us just what styles we appreciate and dislike. No, do not dress how they tell us to dress, but as an alternative, develop our own style with cues of motivation. We are probably going to be dancing which means the shoes need to be comfortable but also not over-the-top fancy given that they will probably be stepped on all night.

        Ordering drinks

Ordering drinks are all about manners and tenacity. This is probably the most often overlooked skill. It might not be much of a skill and more of a patience-induced technique, but rest assured that ordering drinks from the bar could be the deciding factor on a night out. A struggling bartender or an overwhelmed bar means we need to be on top of our game if we are going to get a drink served within a few minutes.

The key here is our first impression. As soon as we show up at the bar. Stand to order a drink —we want to make an impression that catches the bartender’s attention. Do not wave our credit card, do not play with our dollar bills, and do not shout across the bar, but instead play it cools. Always make eye contact. It lets the bartender know we are uncomplainingly waiting and plants the seed that dictates our spot in line. Be as well-mannered and friendly as possible. To find out more about our cocktail dresses click here.