Why Chimneys Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Cleaning and Repairing the Chimney

Living in a house with a fireplace has its benefits. But have you ever asked yourself what would happen if the chimney at the fireplace was not there or malfunctioned? No chimney means no fire hence no warmth. You house will be full of gasses and smoke if you go ahead to light the usual fire you are accustomed to. That uncomfortable feeling of breathing smoke is very dangerous. Therefore, treating the chimney as an important part of the house is essential.

A chimney needs constant cleaning just like any other part of the house. Carrying out regular inspections of the chimney is important. Carrying out regular maintenance on the chimney and looking after it is only possible if you take the chimney serious. Choosing to neglect the chimney will later cost you a lot.

Consider the main pipe during cleaning. The smoke from the fireplace should be drawn away from the room, therefore, removing anything clogging the pipe. Make sure your house is always gas-free by keeping the passage open.

On top of the house, there are bricks that you should check out. Strong winds, heavy rain, birds and heavy rains can damage the bricks. Replace the missing bricks and seal all unwanted cracks and openings. Your walls and ceilings will be free of any moisture. This moisture, if not prevented, will cause mildew that might sabotage the structure of the house and can also make those living in the house sick.

If you want your chimney to have a long life, give it constant maintenance. If the chimney is leaking, repairing it will be essential to prevent development of health problems. Hire experts to help you in your repairs or just ask for advice from them. The repairs and maintenance can be done once you get proper training or by using a book for guidance.

You should have the proper tools for carrying out the repairs and cleaning. Take for example repairing cracks and holes in brick chimneys where you will need a good binding agent like mortar. Give it time to harden once you have used it for sealing.

A steel brush can also be used to clean chimneys. The steel brush must be fit for your chimney. The local stores will have what you need, just estimate the size of your chimney, as it will guide you in your purchase.

Chimneys have allowances for cleaning and places where outlets for wastes have been provided. Direct the rubbish away through the outlet during cleaning. This will keep the fireplace clean. Do not forget to take out anything blocking the cap and screen.

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